For creative entrepreneurs, deciding where you want to go and how
you want to get there can feel all-consuming. You have an idea that you want to
build into a business—or you have already launched one—but that doesn’t
mean everything has fallen into place effortlessly.



In my work as the Creative Director of Marbury, I help creative
entrepreneurs find solutions to the branding and business roadblocks
they encounter. Together, our clients and I work through questions like:


• When is my product or service ready to roll out?
• What do I do about competition? 
• How do I design a business that stands the test of time?
• Should I be doing more with my products/services?

• Should I create (or re-design) my business to reflect me?
• How do I create a brand that is unique? 
• When should I re-brand?
• How do I speak to and connect with my target audience?




Answering these questions not only helps creatives structure their business in a way that reflects their brand, but it also helps them move forward with their overarching goal—their “why”—in mind. Outside of my work with Marbury, however, I encounter more and more creatives who are struggling with these same questions, but they’re trying to navigate it on their own. Building a business, branding or re-branding, or creating work-life balance that doesn’t lead to total burnout requires direction and planning, which can be difficult to work through all by yourself. I know from experience. That’s why I’ve created Strategy Sessions.



The Process

In my hour-long Strategy Sessions, I work with you to understand your business and offer practical advice regarding a major pain point in your operations, strategy or branding. During this time, we’ll dive deep on what you need to focus on, what you should stop focusing on, what changes you can implement, and how you can structure (or restructure) your business to alleviate your current struggle. During our one-on-one sessions, I will help you target the largest pain point in your business and help you create a structure that is reflective of your brand while also giving you the freedom you need to focus on what matters most.



What You’ll Get

These Strategy Sessions are designed to
help creatives just like you build a business that:

• Moves forward faster
• Doesn’t get derailed by outside influences
• Reaches its target audience
• Continues to grow in revenue and reach
• Reflects your brand and business goals
• Gives you room to be your creative self
• Doesn’t require you to manage everything
• Doesn’t lead to burnout




Jessica’s 1-hour consulting sessions begin at $250.


Whatever your specific roadblock, we can work through it together. I know that your genius lies in running the business, envisioning its future, and designing a plan to move you forward. 

You know it, too. So let’s work together to strategize and create a plan that helps you grow your business and allows you to focus on what you do best.