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For creative entrepreneurs, deciding where you want to go and how you want to get there can feel all-consuming. You have an idea that you want to build into a business—or you have already launched one—but that doesn’t mean everything has fallen into place effortlessly.



Jessica Comingore is a creative
director and consultant living and
working in Portland, Oregon.

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The Power
of Unplugging

Fresh off of a proper vacation, I wanted to touch base this week about the power of unplugging. And when I say a “proper” vacation, I’m referring to one in which my laptop was not a part of the packing list. Off-the-grid and canoeing down the Green River without another soul in sight for five days, it was a welcome opportunity to disconnect and spend time with nothing other than nature and my thoughts.

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About me

Nice To Meet You

With a refined eye for design, and over a decade of experience in the lifestyle industry, Jessica Comingore brings a unique and thoughtful approach to her role as the creative director of Marbury, focusing on the individual needs of each of the studio’s clients to offer a holistic brand experience, from concept to execution.

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