Growth Through Refinement


The funny thing about growth is that when it comes to our businesses, we almost always equate it with expansion — taking on more, and scaling up in order to level up. But what about the idea of growth through refinement? Through taking our business back to the roots with which we started, and asking ourselves what we would keep, and what we would let go of if we were to start all over again. This not only applies to identifying what’s best serving your customers and clients, but also what’s best serving you.

Through our journey of launching Marbury, we did our fair share of deep diving, which led to the realization that growth for us didn’t necessarily follow a specific “creative business roadmap” (and I would argue that one doesn’t exist). Rather, it meant identifying what wasn’t working in order to allow what was to come to the forefront. It was about marrying our greatest strengths with what lights us up the most. This resulted in us re-launching our studio with one specific service in mind: our brand identity package, and letting go of what wasn’t serving our clients: designing one-off logos, or addressing just one piece of the branding puzzle.

In our age of multitasking and wearing multiple hats (especially as a self-employed creative), there still lies a great deal of value in paring down; in taking on less in order to offer more. More time, more value, more expertise, or more passion. So as you make your way through your creative journey, I encourage you to challenge the idea of growth equating to adding on, and task yourself to identify what you can eliminate. What, if removed from your plate today, would feel like a huge weight off of your shoulders, allowing you the room to focus on where your excitement truly lies?